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Q1 2022 Opening Has Shown USD Will Retain Strength to Yuan

It's just the third day of 2022 and the Q1 opening for the year is already open. The forex market now has a great opportunity to be led again by the USD market after the Chinese Yuan previous year. So, what will happen in the next quarter?

Chinese Yuan and US Dollar are always having a great impact on the market, the forex market. Both play an important and crucial role in determining market price movements from day today. So this all makes these two currencies even more highlighted.

Yuan rising global influence could be a sign of the country's wider trade market connection. There are so many investors who have a great influence on the world economy, making them seen as an alternative to the US, or even surpassing the US.

But the US, however, will not be arbitrary in determining its market. Regulations and commitments make the dollar have a role to stabilize the economy all across the globe. So even though the Yuan is growing, all currencies are still dependent on the US Dollar.


Dollar to Set Records since 2015?

However, at the opening of Q1 2022, we can see clear indications that the US dollar value is increasing rapidly and a lot of interest when compared to China. According to Bloomberg, the movement in Q1 is very indicative of US capacity in the global market.

The correlation of US power with forex trading is of course very large because it is progressively boosted by the dollar and the currencies that "follow it". If we look at the index, the stimulus for movement in Q1 is very promising compared to previous years.

At the beginning of 2022, the initial movement describes the conditions in 2015, so that US economists consider this a real opportunity to revive the US economy from inflation and close the distance to a hawkish turn which is considered very profitable.

The US experienced a spectacular movement, on the other hand, the performer who performed poorly in early Q1 was the Japanese yen, which is even predicted to decline in value by more than 10% this year, along with any other currencies.

However, the main focus was on the US, probably along with the Chinese yuan until two to five decades. The top major performers at the beginning of 2022 are good enough to determine how much capacity draw conditions throughout the year.

Chinese Yuan Had a Better Year Than Dollar in 2021

However, the story of the success of the US dollar that also broke was the Chinese Yuan. Indeed, we can say that China's development before this decade was relatively slow and its currency had an insignificant value. But currently, everything has changed.

The yuan in 2021 alone has had a tremendous increase and this is thanks to the trading performance which is also unusually frequent. The policies, using yuan instead of the dollar in exports and imports, have had a tremendous impact.

Yuan's 8% increase took him to the highest level. If we compare it to the US dollar, this index of increase is more promising, especially for developing country currencies. The Government of China also involves a number of macro strategies for the Yuan.

The extraordinary performance in 2021 will continue in 2022. But many predict that there are several reasons that make the US will be ahead this year. 2021 may be China's year, but not 2022.

The Yuan had a great year in 2021 in line with the instant economic developments China was experiencing as well. But if you look at the prospects after the opening of the forex market in 2022, we can see that the USD is even crazier, in the way for the new record.



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