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Determining the mission to give traders opportunities in every second, SalmaMarkets has been attempting to provide clients with as many advantages as possible.

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How to Survive the Crisis In Best Forex Broker

The crisis is something that no people want, but still, you will see it occur routinely in the world of the best forex broker, and so you need to be prepared in facing the crisis eventually. The effect of the crisis is devastating, and not only it will crash the entire stock market, but it will also need years to recover. 

After the 2008 crisis, the market needs 9 years of recovery, and now it is in the best shape ever. You can start doing some trade in the stock market, but you need to be careful too when treading inside the market. 


The stock market is very volatile, and it does not always take the crisis to crash the market, as there are so many occurrences that will do it as well. Take scandal for instance, as it will destroy the company reputation, and therefore diminishing the entire public trust inside the company, and in the end, reducing the value of their stock. The public trust is very important for the company, and thus you need to do some extensive research about it in the best Indonesian broker app such as Salma. 

Introducing Salma Market to the Beginner

If you are dead set and really want to become the stock trader, then you really need to find a good app, and then you can join them. Fortunately, there is so many apps you can find on the internet, but one of the best app you can use on the internet is the Salma market. Salma is the simple but yet powerful app that you can use if you are the beginner since the app itself is very friendly to the newbies. There are so many features that you can use in order to help you advance in the stock market as a whole. 

One of the most distinctive features is the online courses, and this is one of the most basics things that are very important for the beginner. The stock market itself is quite hard to grasp, and therefore you need to understand the market and supply yourself with the ample amount of knowledge in the app. It is very recommended to every trader to learn the market via the online course since it will give them the basic understanding regarding the stock market, and also how to cope with the stock they have purchased.

Understanding the Moments In the Market

There are two kinds of the moment in the market, and those will affect the decision of many traders you can see in the app. First of all, there is a bullish moment, as this is the most desired moment in the stock market. The bullish moment is when the stock price is going up per day, and it is the best time to sell your available stock. But you cannot do the basic mistakes of buying high and selling low, and therefore you need to time your purchase right and sell it when the times fit. 

The second moment is the bearish moment, and this is the most feared moment in the stock market, as it reduces the value of the stock over time. There are a lot of factors in the bearish moment, and one of them is obviously a crisis. The major determinant of the bearish moment is the loss of public trust and leaving the stock market stranded. 

What to Do When Bearish Hit

 Most of the people will be panicking when the bearish moment hit and making them sell all of their stock. But the most seasoned trader such as warren buffet will see the opportunity in the bearish moment and then start purchasing the stock in the best forex broker app.



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