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Determining the mission to give traders opportunities in every second, SalmaMarkets has been attempting to provide clients with as many advantages as possible.

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Trusted Forex Broker Vs. Fake Forex Broker

In choosing a broker, make sure that the broker is a trusted forex broker. Despite repeated warnings from various regulators and governmental authorities around the world, fraudulent

schemes in the name of the potential for huge profits, especially in forex trading, are increasing day by day.

You need to know what are the differences between a trusted broker and a fake forex broker. Do not let you lose tens of millions because of a fraud case. A trusted broker has several

characteristics that can distinguish it from the fake one.


Checking the Official Licensing and Work System of the Company

Check the forex broker license

The classification of forex brokers based on the regulations consists of only two groups, namely officially regulated forex brokers and unregulated forex brokers. A trusted broker has a

license from an official regulatory agency, including in Indonesia.

You can check the profile and license details listed on the broker's website. One of the well-known brokers who are quite skilled in trading is the Salmamarket forex broker. Apart from

having official permits, they have also been trusted by many people because of their experience.

Critical to addressing various promotions and high rewards

Usually, scam brokers try to lure traders with fantastic results and lucrative bonuses. At that time, you will experience difficulties when withdrawing funds for various reasons that are

not clear from the broker. Trusted forex broker always open to whatever transactions.

In contrast to trusted brokers who only promise transparent execution, with ease in the process of deposits (deposits) and withdrawals (withdrawal). Also, if you are promised high

returns but with low or zero risks, then you should suspect the broker.

Trusted Forex Broker Has A Clear Office/Website Address and How Trading Works

Unclear office/website address

A fake broker is not having a clear office address. You can track the broker's address through the broker's website. If the regulatory body does not officially include the name of the

broker along with clear company data, then you are obliged to avoid the broker.

Knowing How Forex Trading Works

For your information, the forex market is the largest market. They open 24 hours, 5 days in a week (working days). Therefore, the opportunity for you to be able to make a profit from

forex trading can happen anytime and anywhere.

Trading in the forex and commodity markets will involve technical and fundamental analysis of price movements. Fundamental factors can be influenced by movements in the value of

a country's currency and the conditions of the country concerned, especially from an economic, social, and political perspective.

According to the best forex broker, technical analysis is a technique that is usually used by traders to help buying and selling decisions. From these price movements, traders will

observe certain patterns that can be used as a basis for making a purchase or sell.

Based on this analysis, a trader will determine the exact time when the currency will fall and rise. Then the trader can trade "Buy" or "Sell". In the forex market, transactions occur in

two directions, namely buying or selling.

Other Important Things for You to Pay Attention to Choosing a Forex Broker

How Forex Transactions Work

This is where a trusted forex broker can take its role in arranging for each trader to participate in forex trading. Please note, it is quite impossible to transact directly with major banks

on the forex market individually.

Therefore, a broker will help you to become a hub for forex transaction activities. In practice, the broker will forward requests from traders to larger brokers, and so on until later, every

trader's request can be accommodated in a large forex market.

There is no segregated account

The futures trading supervisory agency in Indonesia requires a forex broker that has obtained a trade intermediary license to separate the customer's fund account from the operational

account of the forex brokerage company (segregated account).

If you come across a broker who uses an account in the name of the company, you need to rethink entrusting transactions to the forex broker. You need to choose a forex broker who

can help make it easier for you to trade forex on the online market.

Salmamarket are having so much experiences in forex trading for a long time. In other words, Salmamarket already has a lot of experience and is known to many people. Salmamarket

is the most trusted forex broker.




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