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demo Market News

Start Making Money Inside The Stock Market Today

Stock trading process is very famous today, as there are lot of people who wish to try their luck and download the app to become a stock trader. The positive side of this phenomenon is you can start accessing the stock market very easy, which is used to be exclusive only to the rich people. 

You can download the app, and enter the app immediately to gain access to the stock market, and you can do that under one minutes inside the app, and it is also completely free. But the downside of it is, the stock trading is often confused with the gambling nature, as so many people think that trading stock merely needs some money and luck down the way. 

This is clearly wrong and hence you need to correct such understanding In order to approach the stock market more properly. You need to take some online courses inside the app which has been provided to help the newcomer and beginner, and it is very important for you to do so since the online course will provide so much knowledge you are going to need to perform better. 


The Basic Of Stock Trading

Stock trading is one of the most complicated processes, and hence you need to understand it in order to become the master of it. If you do want to learn the stock trading process, then you need to make sure that you understand the whole sequence of it. 

The basic of stock trading process is you to purchase  a certain stock from the stock market, and sell them with positive margin so that you can create profit. That seems pretty simple and easy on paper, but you will need a lot more effort in order to prevail inside the stock market as a whole.

The first thing you need to understand is what drives the market and hence the entire stock prices. It turns out, the answer is far from logic and reasoning, and it is the sentiment. The sentiment is very intangible and hence it is incalculable, but fortunately it can be predicted. 

You can learn so many thing form the economic news, and you can start using such knowledge in order to perform a good trading process. Learning the sentiment and predicting on where the sentiment will lead is crucial and imperative to all trader. 

Current Economic Situation

The current stock market condition is rather gloomy. The dow jones has just weakened by 600 points as Donald trump declares that all us company situated in china to leave the country immediately as the trade war intensifies. 

This makes the whole stock prices to plummet as the trust towards the stock market has just plummeted as well. This is rather bad for the people who have already invested in some heavy manufacture such as coal, rubber, and automobile. 

But not all hope is lost, as you can start trading the insurance stock, and to some start up and disruptive company such as airbnb and lyft as they are remain unaffected by the whole trade war. Or you can start investing inside the company which  do affected by the trade war, and wait out until the market recover itself and start raising the stock price altogether. 

How Long Should You Hold The Stock

Holding the stock remain one of the most consequential thing to do inside the stock market, and hence you can start accessing the stock market and hold your stock inside it. The longer you hold the bonds, the wider the margin will be, but you need to be careful with the wind of the sentiment inside the stock market. 



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