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Zimbabwe Pursues 2022 Currency Stability Through Industry

The main resolution of the Zimbabwean government in 2022 is to achieve economic stability through manufacturing and other industries. The UN even directly supports Zimbabwe's intentions and seeks to help the rise of industry of this country.

Covid-19, inflation, and poor management of the economy are three of the many problems that make the Zimbabwean economy so worrisome. However, what the government of this country will take care of first starts from the issue of economic stability and currency.

The chief executive officer of one of Zimbabwe's financial companies, Ms. Sekai Kuvuraski, told the Sunday Mail Business that Zimbabwe is currently behind and will try to catch up with other countries' economies with certain indicators that can accelerate growth.

“When we lose our way, problems mutate and make it even more difficult for the government to deal with them. But now we know what the main prospects are and this will be a momentum for economic growth,” said Sekai Kuvuraski about her country's economy.


The government believes that 2022 is the time for Zimbabwe's economic growth

The Zimbabwean currency is known to have a very bad value in the parallel currency market. Although freely available, in fact, the opportunity to increase the value of this currency will be difficult due to limited resources and production activities.

But speaking of the industry, Ms. Kuvuraski said that the system in 2022 will be different. Progress will be faster with several policy corrections that will be carried out by state leaders. This momentum will bring stability to the economy and currency.

Unlike in recent years, growing exports and expanding capacity to stuff will provoke big companies to develop their industries in the country. Not only are citizens optimistic, but the president of Zimbabwe is very confident in his country's revival.

In 2021, there will be growth, but progress is very slow. The President of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa, said that in 2022 everything will run normally and will as much as possible direct policies towards achieving the vision of stability and prosperity.

This is a step for future generations. 2022 will and must be a basic foundation to keep generation after generation out of poverty. In 2022, the president of Zimbabwe hopes that all citizens will work together for this resolution.

"Previously, the economic increase at the end of 2021 compared to 2020 was at 7.4 percent. But it is dominated by the agricultural sector. But in 2022, we will increase the industrial sector for the development of Zimbabwe,” said Mnangagwa.

UN Supports and Urges Zimbabwe Boost Manufacturing Industry Sector

Seeing the very dire conditions happening around Zimbabwe, the UN as a legitimate international organization engaged in this field has made observations about what is suitable for the country's economy. And industrial plans come first.

Currently, as many as 43.5% of the population of Zimbabwe work in the field of small businesses. However, with regional trade opportunities around Africa, doing manufacturing is felt to have greater opportunities for stability and reshaping markets in Zimbabwe.

African countries effectively carry out cross-border trade, so that Zimbabwe's economy and the currency value will grow if it exports frequently. Where the Zimbabwean Dollar will be used more often than it is now, which means they need for this currency increase.

This increasing need is the same as a large growth in value so that limited fiscal space will no longer be a significant problem for the country's economy because it can allocate the social sector and small businesses into places for infrastructure investment.

The economy in Africa may not be as beautiful as Europe and most of the Americas and Asia. But speaking of growth and investment opportunities, it is appropriate for investors to look at here. Including Zimbabwe, which it now intensively targeting currency stability.



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