FREE T-Shirt From SalmaMarkets
Receive FREE T-Shirt for simply trading with Salma Markets


1. Category Bonus for traders.
2. Bonus T-Shirt From SalmaMarkets
3. Total deposit amount from 1 September 2017 : 1000 USD or More. and Lots traded: 2 Lot
4. Promotion period : Unlimited , but start from 1 September 2017.
5. No registration required to get T-Shirt From SalmaMarkets

Just trade in your regular way and as soon as your deposit reaches $1000 or More and the total order volume traded is 2 lots, we will gift you a T-Shirt From SalmaMarkets.

Terms and conditions of “FREE T-Shirt From SalmaMarkets” promotional campaign :
1. $1000 deposit or More and 2 lots traded must be reached on ONE single account start from 1 September 2017
2. Calculations of the total deposit amount start from 1 September 2017and the total lot volume traded are set unlimited period
3. Each client has the right to get only 1 prize for taking part in “FREE T-Shirt From SalmaMarkets” campaign.
4. After conditions fulfillment, the participant should send a request for prize by filling this form

T Shirt Size : SMLXLXXL