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Company News

Determining the mission to give traders opportunities in every second, SalmaMarkets has been attempting to provide clients with as many advantages as possible.

demo Company News

The Best Trading System for Beginner Traders

Every forex trader has the desire to have the best trading system. This means that the system has a high enough level of accuracy so that it is expected to bring great benefits as well.

Besides, a great trading system will give you a great profit.

Maybe many people will not believe if there are traders who don't want to get big profits from forex trading. If there is, maybe he is a gamer who uses charts as his game. But, of

course, everyone wants to win their games.

A powerful trading system doesn't have to come from a trader who has decades of experience. Of course, high flying hours also contribute to one's trading skills, so it's only natural that

a veteran can create a great trading system.


The Importance of The Best Trading System that is Suitable for Your Character

It could be that a beginner trader who has only three or four years of experience can create a profitable trading strategy or system. In general, these beginner traders still like to imitate

or use other traders' trading systems.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with that, but it never hurts to stay alert. If even beginner traders have the opportunity to be able to create a powerful trading system, then it doesn't

hurt for you to try to create a powerful trading system.

A powerful trading system is a trading system that can provide a trader with maximum profit. But it doesn't stop there, no matter how good it is in the hands of a trader, will not

necessarily have the same effect if it is used by other traders.

It could be that the system is not suitable for the character of the trader who uses it. Therefore, the only way to be able to use a trading system effectively is to use a

trading system that suits our trading character.

The keyword is the character, the complete definition of the best trading system is a trading system following the character of a trader so that it can provide maximum profit for that

trader. That's why every professional trader has their own special strategy.

How to Recognize and Determine Your Trading Style

Defining these styles is important because they have to match your character. If you are the impatient type, then you are unlikely to be a long-term trader. On the other hand, if you

don't like wild fluctuations, there's no way you might choose to be a scalper.

The determination of this style will also determine the next steps. Choose the analytical tool you like the most and master it. Salmamarket forex broker recommends you to remember

these two most important keywords: what you like and what you mastered.

For example, you may like certain indicators, only if you know how to use them. You also have to know where the strengths and weaknesses of these indicators are. Don't like an

indicator just because other people can use it well and make a profit.

You need to remember, here you are trading and what happens to the capital you manage is your full responsibility. Therefore, you have to really understand what you are going to do.

Each technical indicator has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Therefore, you should also master other indicators that can cover the weaknesses of the first indicator. This second indicator must also have advantages that the first indicator does not

have. Then you can get the best trading system for your character. 

For example, stochastic, which can provide valid signals when market conditions tend to be sideways but fail to follow a rallying market. This weakness can be covered by combining

stochastic with moving averages, which were created to recognize trends but are not good at anticipating the sideway market.

Perform Analysis Tools Test with Research and Simulation

Before determining the best trading system for you, research and simulation can be done in two ways, namely the backtest and forward test strategy. Each method has its advantages

and disadvantages, but the best forex broker recommends doing both.

The backtest method has the advantage in that you can see the track record of the system you are testing using historical price data. You can use data up to several years back because

the quality of the data will affect the assessment.

Incomplete data will give less accurate results. To anticipate this, use as much data as possible. For example, data on price movements for the past five years. Salmamarket forex broker

recommends using a lot of detailed data.

The best forex broker says that the forward test method has the advantage of being able to test the trading system to live with real market conditions. That way you will feel firsthand

the effects of every decision you make.

It is recommended to use a demo account, but remember that you still have to treat the demo account like a real account. Do forward testing in a long enough time. Don't be complacent

just based on the results you get in just a month or two.

Some professional traders recommend doing forward testing for at least six months, assuming that dynamic market behavior is likely to fluctuate over that time. This way, you will get

enough data to determine the weaknesses and strengths of the system under various conditions.

You can combine every trading system with risk and money management. Any sophisticated trading system will not have a perfect success rate without good money and risk

management. Discipline also plays an important role in the success of the best trading system of yours.




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